Crinum Identification Please

steven hart
Wed, 16 Nov 2011 15:43:49 PST
Hi Everyone

Crinum Identification Please ???

I have a few things to identify, but heading off for a few weeks holiday. I
have two similar species from 1880, the other one has a much longer flower
spike towering above plant & a more tubular smaller flower. It is more
feminine than this one by far.

So I'll start with this treasure the more robust of the two..... I bought
this crinum from a sweet old lady, it was imported into Australia in 1880,
it was grown in the 40 acre Nana Kays bulb collection. Although it is said
to be pre hybridisation, i know hybridisation of crinums started in
Africa, well before 1880 & i have had zero success producing seeds or
hybrids so far from this species, but every year i try to cross it with
Brisbanicum, an impossible cross i think, but no harm in trying. They are
both in flower now & complement each other beautifully.

I love the pure grey pollen..... but wonder if its any indication of being
sterile ?

There is 5 consecutive photos of this flower in all stages of development
so please have a close look & one of the plant, but it is a bigger photo so
don't bother looking if its too slow.…

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