Hello from a new member in northern California

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Sat, 12 Nov 2011 06:18:21 PST
>  I just harvested a bounty of
>open-pollinated Amaryllis belladonna seeds.  However, I am unsure if
>anyone would be interested in them.  If so, please speak now, as I would
>need to ship them to Dell soon for a future BX.
>Blanche Wingate (aka Blanca)
>Point Reyes, California

Dear Bianca and all,

	First welcome to the PBS list and glad to hear from you.

	I have heard this question a number of times  ' Does Dell and 
the PBS BX want seeds or bulbs of my common old (fill in the blank).' 
?   The answer is the old adage of 'One man's weeds are another man's 
treasure'. Just as you struggle to get rid of some plants, some one 
else is struggling to grow the same plant.

	Dell does an heroic job juggling and sorting a wide variety 
of offerings a, but I dare say he is up to the task of even more.

	If you have any doubt as to the growing-worthiness of your 
surplus you can write and ask Dell directly, but I can essentially 
guarantee that some one, some where in our world-wide membership 
would love to try your extra seeds, bulbs and plants.

	Don't hesitate to send them to Dell.		and many 
thanks		Jim W.
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