Good grey water filtering plants

James Waddick
Sat, 12 Nov 2011 06:11:59 PST
>I recently received a Facebook email from someone
>"We are putting in a grey water system and we want a reed bed to 
>filter the water.

Dear Lee and all,
	I think your correspondent might do better to Google the 
topic. There has been a lot written and plant selection varies by 
topic. I think there's a lot of non-bulbous plants that might be 
better choices especially for year round growth and activiity in your 

	The suggestion of iris pseudacorus is probably not a good 
idea de to its vigorous weediness. I know various water cannas have 
been used in this way, but your correspondent wants plants with year 
round activity.

	Maybe asking the local Ag Agent is the best bet to see what 
others in your specific climate might recommend.

	Good luck.		Jim W.
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