Labelling seeds

Laura & Dave
Sat, 26 Nov 2011 13:03:34 PST
These are all wonderful ideas, and very timely, as I'm putting together a small 
display on the evolution of labeling for the upcoming North American Rock Garden 
Societies Winter Study Weekend in Everett, Washington this coming March.

   I just switched from the buried label system, although when I get a database 
set up, I may do that once again with just a code.  There were a few problems 
with the buried tags: one is the extra time to write the information itself;  
also, I like to write the number of seeds planted, which means one has to handle 
the seeds twice, once to count, once to plant.  I've been a bit clumsy a couple 
times, scattering the seed, before I got the buried tag written and the pot 
ready to plant.  Sliding the tag down the side is an option, but I liked having 
it on the bottom.  Another problem, is that if the visible tag is missing, you 
have to unearth the pot to see the buried tag.
   What I've been doing lately is using a SILVER (metallic) Sharpie to write 
directly on the pot.  I haven't had any problems with fading (I keep most pots 
in a sawdust plunge, which helps).  When I plant in a light or white pot, I use 
a black Sharpie.  Only the information that I feel is essential goes on the 
pot.  I still use a visible tag to record information, which can be moved 
forward when the plant is potted on.

Dave Brastow <> Tumwater, Washington - 7A

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