Managing bulb collection

terry frewin
Sat, 26 Nov 2011 13:01:08 PST
Roland - thank you.  As a inexperienced bulb person, I love to hear how
others actually physically manage their collection.  Recently I was given a
friends neglected bulb collection as in - many with no labels, some pots
very weedy, some in flower (glads, scillas, muscari, narcissus mainly),
others showing leaf but no flowers.  They had all received winter rain.
Some I have managed to id as autumn flowerers so have put them aside in my
poly house soon to be put into the shade house to begin growth.    Others
like Crinum, Dierama & Lily I'm familiar with the leaf, so they're sorted.
I know it's hard to generalise but a few queries - would the heat in my
poly tunnel get too high to store some summer dormant bulbs, and when
should they go out to the shade house? (which receives rainfall)  Or, if I
leave them in the poly tunnel would covering them with some solid material
be useful to drop the temperature.   I don't have any other dry areas for
bulb storage - used to be I could just leave pots outside under a tree, but
the last couple of years we've had very abnormal, often heavy summer
What would be the best way to manage the unknown bulb pots to determine
whether winter or summer growers, and to get them back into their correct
Any advice very welcome,
Victoria, Australia

"When I make a label I note the name ,date and the supplier with a pencil
when it germinate I write an other date
and place the pot on an other place
same for as it flowers
lots of information on one label
and when I have time during re-potting I put all in the computer

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