Dwarf/Mini Crinum

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Sat, 26 Nov 2011 23:29:17 PST
Hi Paul,

Crinum uniflorum is an exceptionally small species - the top of the bulb is 
almost at soil level and  in nature it grows in mudflats /claypans the 
Australian tropics. It usually has two  small narrow leaves each 2 to 3mm 
across and around 7 centimeters  long. The bulb is only  around 15mm wide. 
It flowers once the monsoon rains start to fall in the beginning of summer. 
surprisingly it tolerates warm-temperate conditions. It has very slim roots. 
It  needs to be grown in a shallow tray of water during summer.
I would grow it in a pot  no larger than 3 inches across.
I have some seedlings of the small Thialand Crinum and I treat them as 2 to 
3 year old seedlings.
The real question about the size of the pot needed for smaller Crinum 
species - depends on their hardiness and the extent of their development - 
if they are under mature size treat them like Crinum seedlings, if they are 
capable of making offsets then allowance for the extra width of the potted 
Crinum (by growth seasons end) will need to be taken into account.

Blue Mountains

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>         A couple years ago (July '09) I posted about Crinum
>oliganthum a dwarf Crinum that grows to blooming size in 4- 5 in pot.
>This was new to me at the time.  Now a friend in Thailand sent me a
>picture of a dwarf Crinum blooming in a 6 in pot and it looks very
>similar, but are there other dwarf - mini Crinums that can thrive in
>a 5 or 6 in pot. ??


I would imagine that Crinum uniflorum should
feasibly grow in small pots, it being a somewhat
smaller species than the majority of the
genus.  It isn't one I grow, although I would
love to.  I've never seen it available
unfortunately.  The only reason I think it would
be suitable is due to it's miniature stature, but
I don't know whether it's roots require more room
than a pot of that size would provide?  I thought
I'd mention it anyway.  Always nice to mention Aussie bulbs here. <grin>


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