Databasing was Labeling seeds

Bulborum Botanicum
Sat, 26 Nov 2011 23:36:48 PST
I made my DB in Access
after over 10 years I tried to swap to Open Office
almost impossible
you have to create everything new except the database
so one lesson
when you start be sure you use the database you want
and not like me a free gift from a friend
who swapped from access 97 to access 2000

For printing I use a ordinary matrix-printer with a tractor
a second hands one cost only a few $ or €
and print almost for nothing
total cost 3 cent a label and last long
not as long as an ordinary pencil
as label I use rolls of PVC for matrix
they don't crack after a year


For permanent labels I use plastic waterproof labels and laser
>> printer.  For temporary or indoor labels on seed-bags, etc I use a dymo
>> printer.
>> I've found Filemaker very easy to use, manipulate and intuitively
>> understand in comparison to 'Access'.
>> Rich Haard
>> Bellingham, Washington

R de Boer
La Maugardiere 1

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