Speaking of Calostemmas by the Billabong.

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Sun, 27 Nov 2011 00:11:13 PST
Hello Rob

Fantastic pictures
I love the colour from the  Calostemma luteum, Baan Baa, flowers
heavily flushed with red.
the Calostemma purpureum , Orroroo, South Australia. and the white one

Did you collect seeds from this unusual colours?


2011/11/26 Robert Hamilton <roberth6@mac.com>:

> Below are some photos I have taken in habitat. They  grow reasonably
> well but dont flower particularly well in my cooler Tasmanian
> climate. The yellow forms need to be grown in standing water to
> maintain them in cultivation.
> http://bulbsbirdsnmore.com.au/Amaryllid_Obsession/…
> http://bulbsbirdsnmore.com.au/Amaryllid_Obsession/…

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