Protecting Cacti in Winter

John T Lonsdale
Wed, 09 Nov 2011 07:11:53 PST
Hi Pamela and Phil,

Many thanks for the comments - very helpful.  I have a large and growing
collection of hardy cacti and am (as usual) trying to push the limits of a
number of these.  I have one bed that is about 35' long that I cover with 8'
x 4' sheets of twin-wall, raised about 12" above the cacti, and this works
well to keep the rain off, but doesn't help the temperatures.  I was going
to run some warming cables that I have through the bed, but I think I'll try
the Dewitt's Ultimate row cover, based on your comments, under the
twin-wall.  The cacti I lose are because of a combination of cold and wet,
usually in February.  I have other sand beds that I can't cover to keep the
rain off, but I could use the row cover.  I think it would help a lot.  

I have always been very leery of using impermeable covers because of the
risks of rot, but I've seen some discussion on cactus forums where plastic
sheets have been used to good effect to keep cacti dry, and they don't seem
to have suffered from the lack of ventilation and light.



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