Protecting Cacti in Winter

Dennis Kramb
Wed, 09 Nov 2011 08:47:09 PST
Outdoors I'm only growing the regionally native Opuntias which need no
special winter care.  It's a tiny patch on my gravel driveway, roughly 3 ft
x 1 ft.  They must be happy as they gave the biggest bloom display ever at
100+ flowers this year (I stopped counting at 117, or something like that).

Indoors I have some windowsill cactus that after 13 years are getting quite
large!  And the comments regarding glochids are absolutely right.  OUCH !!

I tried crossing Opuntia violacea with my garden Opuntias, but I lost the
seedlings when I neglected the nursery bed and it got over run with grass.
I was really annoyed about that.  I should try again some time....

Dennis in Cincinnati

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