terrestrial orchids

davbouch5@aol.com davbouch5@aol.com
Sat, 12 Nov 2011 12:11:06 PST
Hi Glen

I live in Hawaii, and grow some orchids.  I am especially interested in Habenaria, and have made a few hybrids.

David Boucher
Koloa, HI




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I should introduce myself.  I am Glen Ladnier, from Biloxi, MS.  Haven't been 
here long, but wanted to communicate with some of the members of this discussion 
group.  I grow orchid terrestrials, and was wondering if there are some among 
the group who participate in orchid growing.  These plants vary according to 
genera, but most have some type of underground tubers, tuberous rhizomes, 
tuberous roots, etc.  They are generally pretty easy to grow, and reproduce, 
although some have culture which can be a little tricky.  I am always looking 
for sources of orchid terrestrials, and should shortly be able to trade seed or 
tubers of my somewhat diverse collection.   I would love to discuss culture with 
the membership, and look forward to discovering new jewels to add to my 



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