Bulborum Botanicum
Sun, 27 Nov 2011 11:03:11 PST

I tried to make my database in excel
for me it didn't work at all
much to complicated to make

maybe the free dbase in open office is something for Ina

or if Ina has Access 2000 or Access XP I can make a copy from my dbase

I just have to change all the Dutch words into English
so if someone has a English access database it's much easier


2011/11/27 J.E. Shields <>:
> Ina,
> I think Excel or some other spreadsheet ought to be just fine for most home
> gardeners.
> You need the relational system with multiple related data tables when you
> have to track multiple plantings in different areas, or make multiple-year
> observations on a given plant, such as bloom times, for instance.  Besides
> bloom times and locations in the garden and greenhouses, I track family
> names (by genera) in a separate table in the main relational database.  I
> track suppliers' names, addresses, contact info, etc., in a separate table.
> I recommend Excel or the Calc in OpenOffice (see

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