Chile's Flowering Desert - PBS Images

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 11 Nov 2011 13:28:23 PST
I want to thank Gene for all the time he spent adding his images to 
the wiki. He had been inspired by Lee Poulsen's sharing images with 
us when the California desert was in bloom a number of years ago. In 
both cases these images are not a permanent part of the pbs wiki 
since a lot of the things pictured do not fulfill the requirement to 
be added to the wiki. But both were willing to take the time to add 
their photos anyway knowing that the ones that are not pictures of 
bulbs would eventually be removed. They knew that many of you who 
could not go to see these incredible unusual flowering experiences 
would be interested in looking at the photos. To put in the time when 
the record was not to be permanent was a gift to you all.

We'll probably leave these pages up for a number of months. I think 
Lee's were up for about six months. The bulbs will remain and perhaps 
some of the scenery photos if they illustrate the habitat of a 
specific bulb. I have a question about the Oxalis pictured. Are any 
of them suitable to be included (bulb, tuber, rhizome, corm, 
retreating to an underground storage organ every year)? Gene didn't 
add them to the page he made for the bulbs. So if any of you know 
more about them please let us know.

We continue to be very grateful to people who are willing to take 
time to learn how to add their photos to the wiki. Adding temporary 
wiki pages is not something we plan to do on a regular basis as it 
adds a layer of work to our already busy wiki team. If you go on a 
trip and see  "bulbous" plants in the wild, we'd love to have photos 
of them on the wiki. Seeing plants in habitat is very helpful in 
understanding how to grow them. But we are not encouraging adding 
photos of trees, shrubs, cactus, etc. on a regular basis (except as 
mentioned before as a habitat shot to go along with a closer version 
of your subject.) Here's what we came up with to help you decide 
whether the plant you want to add is suitable:…
Our guidelines are probably more inclusive than exclusive which no 
doubt will please some and bother others.
Mary Sue

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