Amaryllis disease question and introduction

J.E. Shields
Sat, 29 Oct 2011 13:16:48 PDT
Excellent advice!  If disease is not controlled soon, switch to a different 
pair of (systemic + surface contact) fungicides.

Jim Shields

At 09:19 PM 10/29/2011 +0200, you wrote:
>Welcome Randy!
>You may try any of the folowing active ingredients: azoxystobin,
>difenoconazole, boscalid, fluopyram. And mix it with any of these: thiram
>(TMTD), captan, folpet, mancozeb. These are all fungicides and the first
>ones are systemic, they go in the cells of the plants, the second group will
>not go into the plant cells, but they are effective immediately. If it is
>Stagonospora curtisii these will be effective, but be prepared, if you have
>high infection pressure you may need to re-apply them 2-3-4 times in 10-14
>days, and once or twice every year later to keep your plants healthy.
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>Janos, Z5a
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