Sat, 29 Oct 2011 13:39:45 PDT
Sorry I missed this earlier one. I would agree one hundred percent with Jim McKinney, we grow around 15 botanical taxa here, from both the perennial and so called tree peonies, perhaps the best early coloured foliage we get here is the nearly purple of the enormous new leaves on P. willmotteae, a triploid, which also travels under another name. Providing wind and late frosts don't get it this taxon has magnificent large white blooms and is incredibly hardy, so to are PP. ostii, abchasica, tenuifolia although the foliage is rather floppy but our P. rockii is a thing to behold, the newest arrival is P. mairii which flowers first every year and the flowers are very long lasting. Sadly due to cold spring weather insect pollination was a big disappointment with rather few seed this year especially amongst the P. lutea which had its flowers battered senseless overnight by hailstones, now we know why the Chinese have their special umbrellas for paeone.


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