USDA proposes to change permit process

William Aley
Sat, 29 Oct 2011 16:36:36 PDT
Just an informational note - 
for those folks that reside in the US and if you import and found that the existing system was too prohibitive and in-flexible. USDA is reorganizing the "exemption" which was found within the Departmental permit (DP). This permit was established by ARS in the 40's to allow the importation of prohibitive plant material as mother stock or for research. It was to be issued to USDA employees for scientific and experimental purposes with no intent for commercial release. 
This revision opens the permit to individuals who have the understanding, background and experience to provide safeguarded measures sufficient to prevent the importation of foreign origin plant pests and diseases. The Controlled Import Permit (CIP) will allow other than USDA employees apply for the permit for Scientific, Experimental, Therapeutic and Developmental purposes and when all conditions are met, the plant material will be open for comercial release. 
The comment period on this proposed rule is through Dec. 27, 2011.
This is the link to the announcement…
Read it over and provide comments through the USDA website. 
This is the first time that this provision within 7 CFR319 chapter has been revised at least since 1940.
It may take another 60 years to make future changes.

Silver Spring, MD

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