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Mon, 03 Oct 2011 09:52:31 PDT
I figure its about time for me to introduce myself.  I've been growing bulb plants now for about four years (and lurking here for nearly that long), but started with carnivorous plants back in about 1961.  In between I've grown all sorts of other things that caught my interest.  Currently, in bulbs (I also have succulents, carnivorous plants (cp), and various tropical plants) I'm concentrating on South African taxa, especially Oxalis and Massonia, but a spattering of other things also - several of which I'd love to find more of.  But that's neither here or there.  I also meet several people from this group at the recent SF Bay area meeting - thanks again.    With cp only tuberous Drosera form a real underground tuber.  These are all from Australia and many grow easily in central California although getting a hold of most of the various species is very difficult and often expensive.  I hope to write up a little bit about them sometime in the
 future for the PBS magazine.  I'll have to find my old slides and convert them into digital files but that can be done.  In the mean time if anyone needs information on them please look me up.
I also have a wide variety of other interested.  One of these is keeping colorful tropical frogs in terrariums (see similar to how many people keep fish.  I mention that because this coming Saturday there will be an informal meeting of people who keep frogs and plants in terrariums (and many of these people keep other plant groups also) and I'd like to invite anyone interested to come on by - I'm sure you'll find it interesting.  
I work as a invertebrate paleontologists/geologists for the U.S. Geological Survey ( and have a wonderful wife who puts up with all my plants and four wonderful kids.  
One last thing I recently saw a picture of a beautiful Juno Iris and after reading a little about them figured they might do well in my climate (central California away from the coast).  Problem is (as it is with many of the interesting plants I see on the Wiki) is finding some.  I see them for sale in England and Europe, but not in the US.  Anyone know where I could find them in the US.  I  think I'm also interested in Reticulated Iris as I believe they'd grow in my climate also.  Again finding any is a problem.  Thanks for any help.
Charles & Barbara Powell

American Dendrobatid Group

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