Travel with me to Floriade, 2012

James Frelichowski
Mon, 03 Oct 2011 10:10:53 PDT
Did they have something similar in Australia September 2010?
I was in Canberra like Sept 21-22 and saw a Floriade there.
James Frelichowski

From: Ina Crossley <>
To: Pacific Bulb Society <>
Sent: Sunday, October 2, 2011 11:03 PM
Subject: Re: [pbs] Travel with me to Floriade, 2012

I went in 2002 and it was a wonderful experience, in fact I went twice.

However, if you do go, wear winter clothes, as even wearing a woollen 
felted coat, I froze both times.  A warm clothes stall was doing a 
marvellous trade!  It may have had something to do with where it was 
held, but Holland generally can be like that.


On 30/09/2011 8:09 p.m., Nan Sterman wrote:
> You are invited to meet me in Amsterdam on May 4, 2012 for the garden tour of a lifetime.

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