Deer Repellents

Nick de Rothschild
Thu, 06 Oct 2011 08:49:22 PDT
Haven't kept up with this one, but Lion Poo is a good reminder to Bambi that 
possibly the area might be best avoided.... go to your local zoo....

I have to say though, a good stalker would keep the local restaurants 
happy.... a hunt is a bit too 'Deer Hunterish' - here in the UK we use a 
lone marksman up a tree at dawn.... and he pays good money for the 

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>I asked for reppelents not a shotgun John!
> Hunting is a very policed affair here and is only an option to very few 
> people thank goodness.
> It needs for all the surrounding landowners to agree to organise a hunt 
> and not every one is!
> I being vegetarien am curiously not the one vetoeing the cull.
> There are too many and the damage is clear to the flora of the nature 
> reserve! And those in charge of the reserve can't or won't see that.
> What I need are repellents please!
> Any ideas other than old hair strung up in tights/pantyhose which is 
> reppelent even to me as an idea?
> Best wishes,
> Mark
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