Deer Repellent

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 06 Oct 2011 08:37:19 PDT
When we moved to California's north coast, we tried all the things 
suggested to no avail (soap, hair, various deer repellants).  Some of 
the sprays seemed to highlight what was good as only those things we 
sprayed were eaten. We finally fenced our property. Some one up the 
street however came up with an idea of using bamboo poles (soaked in 
boric acid to last longer). He put the poles around his property and 
then strung fishing line from pole to pole, using several lines at 
different heights. The deer don't see it, but run into it and stop. 
They have found this to be successful unless a hole develops or the 
gate is left open.

Someone suggested Liquid Fence when we were planting a public access 
trail that couldn't be fenced. I was dubious, but it really seemed to 
help so we now try to spray a patch of Lilium maritimum that grows 
near a park that most years would get eaten. That has helped a lot if 
we get to it in time. Usually the deer get a few of them, but the 
populations seems to be expanding and this year there was even 
seed.  But you do have to spray again if it rains which is a pain. It 
smells really dreadful, but surprisingly our dog goes for the can so 
we have to remember to put it up high so she can't find it. Otherwise 
she ruins the can.

Mary Sue

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