crocus season is underway

Jim McKenney
Thu, 06 Oct 2011 13:07:39 PDT
The crocus parade is underway here in Maryland: Crocus kotschyanus (two different accessions) and C. goulimyi (in white and lilac) are blooming now. 
×Amarcrinum is about to flower here for the first
time. It took three years for this to settle down and bloom. For small gardens
I think it’s an improvement over most Crinum because the foliage of the ×Amarcrinum
is so much shorter and tidier. 
The scape, oval rather than round, is an inch in diameter at the base and over thirty inches high. There will be no ignoring this one!
For the first time in years I'm getting Lycoris seeds - I've been harvesting them for about a week. There will not be too many, but it will be a start. These are from parents labeled Lycoris longituba and L. chinensis.  
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