Deer Repellants

James Waddick
Thu, 06 Oct 2011 12:49:00 PDT
Dear Friends,
	We live in an area with a dense deer population estimated at 
27 or so per sq. mile. And we are just up from the small creek and 
green belt that harbors deer. We see deer in the streets, yards and 
they enter the garden almost daily. This spring we tried 2 products: 
Plant Skydd… and 
concentrated Coyote Urine.

	It is hard to tell when these things actually work, but I 
think we had less deer than usual.

	I would not buy Plantskydd again. It is a blood based dry 
product that is difficult to dissolve and spray. The spray is a nasty 
dried blood red/brown and smells terrible.

	The Coyote urine also smells bad, but is easier to apply to 
specific areas and has no visual problem.

	Combined they seem to work, but they both smell bad and our 
pet cats were not happy.

		I like John's suggestion best.		Jim W.
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