Collection holders

Nhu Nguyen
Tue, 13 Sep 2011 11:28:59 PDT
I have been thinking about this idea myself but I feel that we must work in
a network model rather than having a single person dedicated to a single
genus. Prestige is for people, not for plants. Also having an informal
network means that you don't have to worry about rules and bureaucratic
ideology, which once again benefits certain person but not the plants.

Like Dennis pointed out, the system is practically in place.  We already
have a number of people already growing many species of a genus and they do
it very well. And we have a network through the PBS list. Why not start by
put together a consolidated listing of who grows what (which is reflected in
the wiki and the PBS member directory) and have it published on the wiki.
Give it an interesting name to the network, and then have people volunteer
to add themselves and their contact information. Anyone who wants to be in
the group should agree to certain simple criterion, which should all aim to
preserve and distribute plants like making and sharing of seeds or
vegetative material.


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