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We had a staff member take the training a few years ago, but they have since left.  Unfortunately, we're all so stretched right now that we don't have spare staff time, but obviously we feel strongly that some type of program be put together.  It seems that when bureaucratic institutions get involved, the process gets so bogged down with rules that it chokes off progress.

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Yes, the American Public Gardens Association maintains the North American Plant Collections Collaborative (NAPCC).

At this time it includes only public and botanic gardens in the program. I periodically bring up inclusion other groups and maybe the time is ripe to float that proposal again.

Pam Allenstein is the coordinator. They produce a number of workshops that train volunteer reviewers on the procedures used to evaluate prospective additions to the NAPCC.  Tony, have you been through one of those workshops?
 Has anyone else?

Jim Waddick, do you think this is something that PBS would be interested in pursuing?

If so, I recommend PBS develop an draft plan among the North American members with the time, interest and expertise to participate and then take it to APGA. Currently I don't believe they have a strong representation of geophytes. CBG is working on creating a national collection of Jonquil Narcissus but off hand I can't recall any other geophyte collections within NAPCC.

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