What's blooming week of September 12

Michael Mace michaelcmace@gmail.com
Mon, 12 Sep 2011 21:30:38 PDT
The Les Hannibal Amaryllis hybrids here are at about the mid-point in their
blooming process now.  Some of the bulbs have already finished; others are
still in bud.  Amaryllis seem to start a bit later for me than they do in
most of the Bay Area.  I'm not sure why; my neighborhood is a bit warmer and
dryer than the rest of the area, and you'd think that would lead to earlier
blooms not later ones.


Haemanthus amarylloides, my nominee for the world's most boring Amaryllid,
bloomed in early August and is long since done.


Haemanthus barkerae, the second most-boring Amaryllid, just finished


I've tried to cross both of these with A. belladonna, with no success.  It's
just as well; I can't imagine the flowers would be interesting.


The other things blooming now are three Michael Vassar Oxalis: MV5630A,
MV4674, and MV5117.  All have small lavender-pink flowers over tiny tufts of
foliage, and start blooming in late August to early September, a few weeks
after I start watering them.  As you can see, the flowers look very similar:


You can see 4674 and 5630A here:


And 5117 here:


Because they bloom at almost the same time and the flowers are similar, it's
possible that I might be growing one species that accidently spread to the
other pots.  But Michael Vassar's collection notes describe them all as
small lavender or pink flowers, so they may just be similar plants.  


They are not at all spectacular, but they're cheerful little things, and
very welcome at this time of year.


Those are the only things in bloom at the moment, but I'm very happy to say
that my Brunsvigia marginata has a little bud just starting to poke up above
the soil.  This will be its second year to bloom.



San Jose, CA



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