might be of interest Sinningia speciosa (Gloxinia)

Dennis Kramb dkramb@badbear.com
Wed, 21 Sep 2011 13:09:44 PDT
I started growing Sinningia species (and hybrids) about 15 months ago.
 My experience is very similar to Janos'.  I have lost plants to pests
and/or neglect... but they resprout from the tubers.

I'm growing Sinningia speciosa, S. tubiflora, S. sellovii, S.
eumorpha, S. cardinalis, S. sceptrum, and a few others... In fact I
should have S. cardinalis seed for the PBS BX soon.

Some of my plants I acquired from the PBS BX.  Others I obtained
through Gesneriad Society events.  (I'm growing lots of other
gesneriads too... mostly South American species.)

I really love the hairy fuzzy Sinningias but I'm not growing many of those yet.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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