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Ina Crossley
Wed, 21 Sep 2011 13:05:27 PDT
Thank you, Shelley, Don, Jim and MarySue.

I remembered after Albert emailed me privately, that of course I have 
the membership list.  So perhaps my question should have been 
differently put.

I am green with envy when hearing about bulb conferences in the US.  I 
will never be able to attend one of those.  However, it would be great 
if we could have one for Australia/ New Zealand, which could include the 
people on the emailing list as well as members.

I know I have had responses over the years when I was on the emailing 
list but not a member yet, from 2 people in NZ.

It doesn't sound like there are enough people to have a conference on 
this side of the world.  A pity.

If anyone is on the emailing list and would be interested, please 
contact me at klazina1 at  I don't think I can include the 
symbol for at, so please use the proper symbol if answering me privately

Ina Crossley  Auckland New Zealand

On 22/09/2011 3:01 a.m., Don Journet wrote:
> Dear Ina,
>               You did not say what your reason for wanting to know 
> members of the pbs in Australia. I am not a member but a contributor 
> to the list and live in Australia. I am a member of quite a number of 
> organisations and it would be a strain to join more but I was invited 
> to participate as I have a collection of Lachenalia. I hope this helps 
> you gain a picture of the distribution of enthusiasts.
> Kind Regards
> Don Journet
> On 21/09/2011 3:06 PM, Ina Crossley wrote:
>> I wonder how many PBS members there are in New Zealand.  Also how many
>> there are in Australia.
>> Ina
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