Pacific BX 276

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 15 Sep 2011 16:16:57 PDT
Hi all,

I'm still trying to sort through all the things needing attention 
after the mass of messages delivered from the past yesterday. A 
couple of the people I contacted said not to bother with their old messages.

We heard from Roy Herold who is currently in South Africa and 
hopefully will have photos to add to the wiki on his return. It looks 
like some of his messages were resent and we have them in the 
archives already.  He said we didn't need to send them on. But this 
one is a description of an item offered in the BX. Hopefully whoever 
ordered it will see this email.

>15. Bulbs of Albuca sp. Plettenberg Bay ex BX 178 ex Roy Herold who 
>wrote the following: "from seed collected in November, 2006 from a 
>plant growing in pure sand at the edge of the beach, perhaps 50 
>meters from the high waterline. This plant had gone dormant, and 
>only the scape and seed pods remained, approximately 20-30cm high. 
>Seedlings grew strongly through last summer and winter, and went 
>dormant in May, stretching to go deeply into the pot."

Regarding #15, mine bloomed this year and corresponded to Albuca 
acuminata as shown on the wiki:…

They look like the yellow flowered, white tipped form on the left. 
And the provenance of the beach at Plett certainly agrees with the
description of growing in deep sands.

Mary Sue 

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