desert merremia

Thu, 29 Sep 2011 17:46:28 PDT
I found some of these seeds a couple of years ago and I have
only two plants left after starting some 10 or so. They are very
slow for me, In gallon containers, and the growing tip seems to
die over the winter, condemning the plant to zombiehood. How do
you grow them?

Vista, CA


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Uli schreibt

> A few years ago, I remember a contribution mentioning a
Merremia species
> (yellow tuberous morning glory but I do not remember the name)
native to
> the south western US rambling over the gates of one of those
> gardens in the South West and, and that is the point,
scattering its seeds
> all over on the pavement. Does that ring a bell with someone?
> someone  be willing to help me in getting a starting portion
of seed of
> that Merremia? Please contact me privately for details of
payment etc. Or
> could this go through the BX?

Good memory; that was my post about Merremia aurea, native to
California and northwestern continental Mexico, and the gate
Webster Auditorium at the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix. I
started some
plants this summer but they are too small to bloom yet. I plan
to send
seed to the BX regularly once they do. Those of you in the
growing this should save seeds and send them to Dell. This is a
rewarding plant that grows well in a container. By coincidence I
looked for it on the Wiki and it's not there. I can write
something about
it for the Wiki but don't have any photos.

The seeds are about the size of a small garbanzo (chickpea) so
will need
some protection during shipping.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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