Ipheion uniflorum winter hardiness

Jacek Zwoliński ajzw@wp.pl
Mon, 16 Apr 2012 20:33:34 PDT
This was my idea, as well.

I. uniflorum leaves survived the previous winter without sigificant damage (minimum -20 C, almost no snow). Yet, this winter was far worse. I have never seen "winter" crocuses death-frozen, yet.

In cold climate not only minimum temeperature is important. Length of frost and snow cover have similar importance. Even 1-2 cm of snow may prevent leaves from dying (if they lie on the ground - this is the case of Ipheion in winter).

I wonder what are the minimum conditions Ipheion is able to survive. Gardeners from cold continental locations without guaranteed snow cover might help. Janis Ruksans (Latvia, colder than Poland) might help.

Alberto, what do you mean by "winter hardy bulbs from Argentina"? Could you give me some source I could read? Unfortunately, I use English only. I have Oxalis adenophylla (cold hardy, but prone to rot) and Oxalis magellanica Flora Pleno/Nelson (probably death-frozen this winter).

Jacek, Poland, winter zone 6A

Dnia 17-04-2012 o godz. 1:08 Alberto Castillo napisał(a):
> Well, this plant didn't obtain this feature growing in the very mild 
> climate of Uruguay. This and several other bulbs from Argentina seem to 
> have a more southern (cold) origin and prove amazingly hardy. Only "now" 
> they grow in more northern locations where that hardiness is "useless".
> My previous information on hardiness of Ipheion uniflorum was -24 C 
> without losing foliage (this sprouts during autumn).
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