Ipheion uniflorum winter hardiness

Hans Huizing hanshuizing@home.nl
Tue, 17 Apr 2012 01:07:35 PDT
Here in Holland, Europe we had -25 Celsius for some days and the Ipheon 
uniflorum in my garden are in full bloom at the moment.
The leaves are not damaged at all.

They seem to be in a very good condition.

Hans Huizing

Op 17-4-2012 5:33, Jacek Zwoliński schreef:
> This was my idea, as well.
> I. uniflorum leaves survived the previous winter without sigificant damage (minimum -20 C, almost no snow). Yet, this winter was far worse. I have never seen "winter" crocuses death-frozen, yet.
> In cold climate not only minimum temeperature is important. Length of frost and snow cover have similar importance. Even 1-2 cm of snow may prevent leaves from dying (if they lie on the ground - this is the case of Ipheion in winter).
> I wonder what are the minimum conditions Ipheion is able to survive. Gardeners from cold continental locations without guaranteed snow cover might help. Janis Ruksans (Latvia, colder than Poland) might help.
> Alberto, what do you mean by "winter hardy bulbs from Argentina"? Could you give me some source I could read? Unfortunately, I use English only. I have Oxalis adenophylla (cold hardy, but prone to rot) and Oxalis magellanica Flora Pleno/Nelson (probably death-frozen this winter).
> Jacek, Poland, winter zone 6A
> Dnia 17-04-2012 o godz. 1:08 Alberto Castillo napisał(a):
>> Well, this plant didn't obtain this feature growing in the very mild
>> climate of Uruguay. This and several other bulbs from Argentina seem to
>> have a more southern (cold) origin and prove amazingly hardy. Only "now"
>> they grow in more northern locations where that hardiness is "useless".
>> My previous information on hardiness of Ipheion uniflorum was -24 C
>> without losing foliage (this sprouts during autumn).
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