Non-pacific bulbs
Tue, 10 Apr 2012 14:05:43 PDT

Dear Jim, 

I envy your having so many of these bulbs to discard, but I know that they can become invasive. I am not sure what Scilla scilloides is thes e days, but your C hionodoxa lucilliae, Scilla siberica, and Muscari armeniacum could find homes with me if you ever again have excess. And I suspect there might be some enthusiasm about them on the BX. 


Dell Sherk, 

SE Pennsylvania, zone 6/7 

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Over the last three years two bulb species have launched all-out wars of territorial aggrandizement: Chionodoxa lucilliae and Scilla scilloides, having surreptitiously built up to horde size over the course of some 34 years.  Beginning two years ago I took the offensive, grubbing out barrels full of each, easily a hundred pounds worth.  I found the Chionodoxa was layered three deep; the Scilla came out in splendid clumps but there seemed no end to the clumps.  Until today. 
The remains did not go to the compost heap but were sent off to the incinerator. 
Massing in the borders: Muscari armenaicum; Scilla siberica. 

Jm Jones 
Lexington, MA 
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