Pacific Bulb Society BX 306

Eugene Zielinski
Tue, 10 Apr 2012 14:24:07 PDT
I've just received my requests from BX 306 (Thanks, Dell!) and I'd like to
add a comment about Xerophyta retinervis, even though I didn't supply it.
I've found that seeds of Xerophyta and other vellozias germinate best if
exposed to light.  Therefore, sow the seed on the surface of your medium. 
And keep the pot covered, or in a plastic bag, since the the seedlings
appreciate humid conditions when they first germinate.

Eugene Zielinski
Augusta, GA   USA

Original Message:
> >From Pieter van der Walt: (SEEDS)
> 4. Xerophyta retinervis – W/C Muldersdrift, Gauteng

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