Lilium longiflorum - Non-virused Source?

Sun, 15 Apr 2012 07:53:03 PDT
Hi everyone...
To answer your question Shawn..

Not far from my home along the mountain range, Easter lilies have been a feral pest for over 30 years, they bloomed at Easter as always & although they have invaded the state forest & road edges, i love seeing them scattered along the winding pass up the mountain while they all flowering together. These plants are pre tissue culture & probably escaped into the wild by seed, from a passing vehicle, as there was no farm houses within many kilometers back then. Even now there is only a dozen or so houses & weekenders within several thousand hectares of forest.

I have never seen any sign of virus I'n these specimens, so If anyone thinks PBS would benefit from seed ? i have heaps & would be happy to send some, pending Dells approval.

I was also told seed does not transfer virus, is this correct ??

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Esk Queensland Australia
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> Dear all, Is there a source for non-virused Easter liles, or is that a fool's errand?
> Shawn Pollard
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