Ammocharis longifolia - pot culture advice

Fri, 10 Aug 2012 08:32:08 PDT
I got an Ammocharis longifolia bulb from the BX. This is its picture:…

I read Grow Bulbs (p.42), and the pbs wiki archives and still cannot decide whether I should "water in" the newly potted bulb. I potted it in a pumice:///sand:compost/ approximately 2:1:1. I decided against the 35 cm pot because it was just so dwarfed. Instead, it is in a 25 cm x 25 cm pot, terracotta. Im going with the theory that gravely flats = lots of pumice.

I read on the wiki that it is best to "water in" a newly potted bulb to settle the growing medium around it. 
But this is a summer-dormant bulb. Water it in, or not?
And does "water in" mean saturate or just dampen?
It will be in a full-sun spot, but for the watering-in, should I do that in the shade so it does not get the hot+wet combination?

I did not cut off its roots prior to planting.  Should I do that and re-pot?

- Gastil

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