Lapeirousia season

Leo A. Martin
Wed, 01 Feb 2012 17:20:59 PST
James Waddick wrote

> I currently have Lapeirousia oreogena in bloom. This is its
> 2nd year. The small flowers are intensely colored and very striking.
> I gave it is expected dry season, but was afraid I had over done it
> by denying water too long.

To my surprise, Lapeirousia survive just fine outdoors all summer in
Phoenix, Arizona in small containers in the hot sun, receiving our scant
summer rain but no extra water. They routinely experience air temperatures
well above 105 F / 41C, though it will be 20-30 degrees F / 16-24 degrees
C cooler during rainy spells. I have forgotten about some of them and not
watered until January (past midwinter in the northern hemisphere); they
pop up and bloom just fine. My oreogenas are due to bloom in the next week
or two. I have a lovely pale blue scented one (whose label I need to
examine under a magnifying glass) flowering right now. They are also
unharmed by overnight freezing to 18F / -8C even while in bloom and with
wet soil. People who can provide cool winter temperatures above freezing
and plenty of sun should try Lapeirousia; they are very easy and bloom
when small plants.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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