Top-dressing or not

Wed, 01 Feb 2012 17:01:20 PST
To add to what Leo said, it is a personal preference and I believe in most
cases Steve's aesthetic topping is only skin-deep. Years ago I stopped
adding any topper to mature plants for one simple reason: I could not see
the surface of the mix to better gauge its dryness and need for watering.
It looks great but doesn't help most growers (Steve is not most growers).

Dylan Hannon
Los Angeles CA

On 1 February 2012 16:41, Leo A. Martin <> wrote:

> Alan wrote about Steven Hammer's bulbs with spiky leaves:
> > I notice in these photos and previous ones...
> > there is a fine gravel or grit - is this just a topping on
> > the growing media or does the entire media consist of this?
> I have not seen the plants in question in person, but Steven Hammer
> usually top-dresses his plants with this gravel. Most succulent growers do
> something similar.
> Leo Martin
> Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America
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