Robin Carrier
Wed, 15 Feb 2012 05:37:47 PST
it's getting too complicated.  why don't you who wnat to reorganize this 
group just  start your own.  this one has been working fine.

robin carrier
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> Hi,
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>>I'm writing this only because I've been "warned" not to include
>>previous emails, in my emails or responses
> When you subscribe to this list, you see the guidelines repeated below.
> They come down to write the sort of posting you would like to read.
> If you write hard to read emails, then few will read them. Eventually
> people will skip your postings when they see your name. If enough people
> write poor messages the whole list will suffer.
> ---------- 8< ----------
> Guidelines for posting:
> Please sign your posts and include your location and climate information
> to help the rest of the group understand your information.
> Attachments are not allowed and including them will cause messages to be
> held for approval. Images can be shared by using the PBS wiki. See
> below.
> Please use a subject heading that describes your post and when
> responding to that post please use the same subject heading so people
> who search the archives can find all the information on one subject
> easily.
> If you change the subject, please change the subject heading as well.
> Include only enough information from the post you are replying to
> identify it. DO NOT INCLUDE THE ENTIRE MESSAGE. This is to keep our
> archives uncluttered and is also a courtesy to the members of the list,
> especially the digest subscribers.
> Post answers to questions raised to our list members to everyone as
> there will be many interested in your reply.
> Post messages that are of a private nature (such as thanks or
> information about swapping seed or bulbs) privately.
> Please refrain from posting your commercial offerings on our list.
> Remember whatever you post will be archived and available for others to
> read.
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