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>I'm writing this only because I've been "warned" not to include 
>previous emails, in my emails or responses

When you subscribe to this list, you see the guidelines repeated below.

They come down to write the sort of posting you would like to read.

If you write hard to read emails, then few will read them. Eventually 
people will skip your postings when they see your name. If enough people 
write poor messages the whole list will suffer.

---------- 8< ----------

Guidelines for posting:
Please sign your posts and include your location and climate information 
to help the rest of the group understand your information.

Attachments are not allowed and including them will cause messages to be 
held for approval. Images can be shared by using the PBS wiki. See 

Please use a subject heading that describes your post and when 
responding to that post please use the same subject heading so people 
who search the archives can find all the information on one subject 

If you change the subject, please change the subject heading as well.

Include only enough information from the post you are replying to 
identify it. DO NOT INCLUDE THE ENTIRE MESSAGE. This is to keep our 
archives uncluttered and is also a courtesy to the members of the list, 
especially the digest subscribers.

Post answers to questions raised to our list members to everyone as 
there will be many interested in your reply.

Post messages that are of a private nature (such as thanks or 
information about swapping seed or bulbs) privately.

Please refrain from posting your commercial offerings on our list.
Remember whatever you post will be archived and available for others to 

David Pilling
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