Ledebouria 'Gary Hammer'

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Tue, 24 Jan 2012 09:11:44 PST

Thanks for the info.  Perhaps this is the site you were looking for:


There is L stenophylla pictured as well as a few other spp.  The phoca gallery settings are apparently screwed up so most images won't display unless you click the download button.  

Tim Chapman

On Jan 24, 2012, at 8:57 AM, Hannon <othonna@gmail.com> wrote:

> Tim,
> I am not certain of the status of this name but have been using it for the
> last few years since seeing it on a Google search for "Ledebouria". It was
> on a page from the Pietermaritzburg Botanic Garden but I cannot find it
> now. It seems it is not a validly published name. I suppose it could be
> rendered provisionally as L. sp. "stenophylla" but growers may readily
> convert this to L. stenophylla. I'm glad it has the name 'Gary Hammer' for
> now at least. When this plant has a proper name, 'Gary Hammer' will have to
> be appended at the end, e.g., L. stenophylla 'Gary Hammer'. But since this
> indicates a special form or clone of L. stenophylla the horticultural
> taxonomists will have to get after it.
> Much work is still ongoing in South Africa with ledebourias and their kin
> and it is quite possible that this entity will have its own name in the
> near future. There seems to be no shortage of species in this alliance that
> are undescribed or in need of sorting.
> I've grown this durable plant since 1995 when I got it from Gary, who said
> he collected it near Barberton. Whatever its ultimate identification, which
> will very likely change more than once in future, the collector and
> locality can provide a means of knowing we are speaking of the same plant
> with the same provenance. Until someone else collects it again near
> Barberton ...
> Cheers,
> Dylan Hannon
> Los Angeles
> On 24 January 2012 00:20, Tim Chapman <tim@gingerwoodnursery.com> wrote:
>> I've been researching Ledebouria a good bit lately and noticed the plant
>> called 'Gary Hammer' is now being sold as L stenophylla.  From what I call
>> tell that is a non-existent name.  Although there is/was a Scilla
>> stenophylla however it appears to be a synonym of S leptophylla which would
>> make it one of Venter's species , L leptophylla.  The Gary Hammer plant
>> looks nothing like L leptophylla.  Perhaps there are plans to publish a L
>> stenophylla??  Curious if anyone has more info on this name?
>> Tim Chapman
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