Is anyone growing Gladiolus aureus?
Sun, 15 Jan 2012 13:47:55 PST
Hi Alberto,
Kirstenbosch grew enough G. aureus years ago to offer it as one of many choices in the seed distribution that any member of the Bot Soc got as a membership benefit back then. Seeds were also sold from the same list as well.  
Endangered doesn't necessarily mean hard to grow or propagate, when I worked at NYBG in the early half of the 90's, I remember meeting a visitor from the BG in Perth, Australia, who told me about pulling up bushels of "weedy" Gladiolus caryophyllaceus, a highly endangered species in its native South Africa, but an invasive one in sw Australia, at least in the Perth area.  I believe something similar is also the case with Moraea aristata. 
Its good to know that someone is producing seed in Tasmania, hopefully more folks in similar favored climates will be able to do so.  If I get my plants to flowering age, I will certainly try to make seed, and will send pollen to Mike in the hope he can get seeds. This plant is another reason I am such an advocate of the refrigerator as an essential tool for conservation of rare plants, I recently did a post on my blog about this, in reference to a non geophytic species, but the principle still applies.  See…

Ernie DeMarie
Tuckahoe NY
where a purple crocus cv braves the cold mid teen temperatures (F) of last night and tonight in an otherwise very mild winter. 



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Marcus Harvey of Tasmania had seeds for sale a couple of months ago. It would be 
wise if we can concentate efforts on Mike's plants since they do so well with 
him. It is an easy one to grow. I have several plants for at least 12 years but 
never set any seed, evidently all one clone. Flowers are a deep golden yellow.

Ernie, it would be insane that Kirstenbosch or anyone else would sell seeds of 
such an endangered species. They are growing it but are  so sow to respond.


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