Scadoxus multiflorus Katherinae - it's all happening

Alberto Castillo
Mon, 09 Jan 2012 17:09:51 PST

Well, Leo, yours seems to be following the opposite of their natural cycle.

Your friend in Missouri is growing them according to it.

> I leave them out all year in dappled shade and I water them all year. The
> tops tend to die to the ground when it gets hot for the summer (say, over
> 104F / 40C) and then resprout in the fall, growing all winter. They don't
> seem to freeze in our moderate overnight frosts.
> My bulbs are from a friend in St Louis, Missouri, who digs them each fall,
> stores them in her garage over the winter, and replants them in spring.
> They bloom for her in early summer.


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