Ledebouria 'Gary Hammer'

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 Macowanii has non-maculate leaves on the upper surface, and spots near the base on the lower and it also has greenish flowers instead of purple. Baker considered it "only of botanical interest." 

 I believe the intention is to use stenophylla for the plant grown as "Barberton" and "Gary Hammer," but who knows?  Scilla stenophylla is not the same as this species. It was lumped with graminifolia, which is now lumped with leptophylla. Hopefully a better name will be chosen before publication.


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The problem with that ID is that L. macowanii is described as being solitary.
> Assuming the name L stenophylla was a mistake, I think the Barberton sp might be L macowanii. I just went over the Venter article in Herbertia and of the species shown this is the only thing that looks right. The distribution map also shows two collections right next to or in Barberton. I'm not growing this one yet ( it's on my ever growing list of things to get this year though). If someone has a photo of the bulb itself that would help.                            

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