Ledebouria 'Gary Hammer'

Tim Chapman tim@gingerwoodnursery.com
Tue, 24 Jan 2012 14:56:03 PST
Unfortunately the Herbertia article does not have the full description so details like it being solitary aren't mentioned.  However the drawing included does show spotting/banding throughout the leaf.  This feature of course is not used to distinguish species as leaf patterns can be very variable or non existent within different populations.  I have no idea if the solitary vs gregarious is absolute within a species or if it can vary from population to population??  

I'll try to dig a little more to see what I can find out.  

Thanks to all that have added info on this!

Tim Chapman

On Jan 24, 2012, at 4:18 PM, aaron floden <aaron_floden@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Also, 
>  Macowanii has non-maculate leaves on the upper surface, and spots near the base on the lower and it also has greenish flowers instead of purple. Baker considered it "only of botanical interest." 
>  I believe the intention is to use stenophylla for the plant grown as "Barberton" and "Gary Hammer," but who knows?  Scilla stenophylla is not the same as this species. It was lumped with graminifolia, which is now lumped with leptophylla. Hopefully a better name will be chosen before publication.
>  Aaron 

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