Help identify a rhizomes
Fri, 06 Jan 2012 05:51:52 PST
Doesn't triste have much more dissected leaves?

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Thanks for the various responses. It seems like the closest match would 
be the Pelargonium Triste although it does not seem to be as tall as 
mine is.

who ever has rights to update the wiki, feel free to use the photos on 
the wiki. Once the plant has more leaves I will post a more overall photo.


Marcel Berteler

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> How about a geophytic Pelargonium?  I'm not really to species without more 
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> Subject: [pbs] Help identify a rhizomes
> Hello
> I live in Cape Town, South Africa and I have a rhizomes growing in a pot
> that I transplanted from our previous garden. Can someone assist me in
> identifying this plant?
> Root: rhizomes
> Leaves: fern like, rather woody when dried.
> Flower: long stem, about 1 meter with a simple cluster of little
> flowers. each flower has 5 green sepals which curl up on opening and 5
> yellow petals with a wide dark brown stripe.


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