Help identify a rhizomes

Marcel Berteler
Fri, 06 Jan 2012 06:43:25 PST
If I google the species I get various leave shapes with some more, other 
less dissected.

There seem to be various species that resemble mine:

I really do not know what is the exact match but at least I know more 
than I did this morning.

Not sure if I will ever find out exactly what species it is but that 
does not make my plant less beautiful.


Marcel Berteler wrote:
> Doesn't triste have much more dissected leaves?
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> Thanks for the various responses. It seems like the closest match would
> be the Pelargonium Triste although it does not seem to be as tall as
> mine is.
> who ever has rights to update the wiki, feel free to use the photos on
> the wiki. Once the plant has more leaves I will post a more overall photo.
> Thanks,
> Marcel Berteler

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