What's germinating - January 25

AW awilson@avonia.com
Fri, 27 Jan 2012 13:14:44 PST

I am referring primarily to self sown seed. However, collected seeds of mine
also germinated early. The latter were not not dried off in the conventional
way but were left on the flowerheads with a paper bag to prevent them from
spreading. The respective pots were, of course, outside but placed in the
shade while the bulbs were dormant. Unlike s. Louisiana, it's dry here for
six months in summer but it is likely for there to be more humidity within
those paper bags than in the more conventional way of collecting and storing
the seed indoors. Also, but not surprising, germination rates were virtually
100% for my own seeds treated this way. Now, what I have not done is to take
my own seed, store it indoors in the conventional little seed bags and sow
the seed in September.

Your comments about the storage conditions during the summer in your area
may be more important. I agree. And, like yourself, the germination rate
here with some BX seed (not Lachenalia, but I won't go into the details)
were quite low. So, how much of the very long delays were due to seed
storage as distinct from crossing the equator is uncertain. I am inclined
to write, but cannot yet support the statement statistically, that the
hemisphere crossing has led to the germination delay but has not reduced
germination rate whereas with the BX seed it has been  a germination rate

San Diego

PS Sorry about my lack of text editing in my previous message. I had
intended to write "but a great deal more" instead of "about a lot great deal

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