language and abbreviations, plus what's flowering in Gippsland

Bill Richardson
Tue, 31 Jan 2012 17:05:40 PST
Dear Steven et al,
I've been very amused by the constant flow of emails on this subject of 
language and abbreviations with great interest and must add my little bit to 
it all.
As a numeracy/literacy teacher  myself (amongst other things) and being an 
expert speller myself (ehem! coff coff) and a bulb/plant grower who learnt 
Latin at school in his youth at a big Catholic College in Brisbane 
Queensland, (mea culpa), I thought you might be amused by the poem inserted 
Well, just to mention a few bulbs, so I don't get into trouble, as I know 
this is supposed to be a bulb discussion group,  some of the plants 
flowering at present  in Gippsland are:
Liliums, lots of different species, hybrids
Cyrtanths mackenii and others
Zepheranthes, various hybrids and species
Haemanthus humulis (and waiting for H. humulis hirsutus to flower)
Heamanthus albiflos is not quite to flowering this year yet
A very beautiful Fuchsia boliviana, which the birds love (not a bulb LOL)
Hemerocallus fulva
Hemerocallus longituba
Roses galore!
various species of succulents.
et al.!
I've got rid of all my goats years ago and now only have to contend with 
red-bellied black snakes, blackbirds, black cockatoos, dogs and children.
Bill Richardson
West Gippsland
Victoria, Australia
Summer 16c - 40c variable at present
"Almost any garden, if you see it at just the right moment, can be confused
with Paradise" Henry Mitchell
"The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgement"

Our Strange Lingo
      When the English tongue we speak.
      Why is break not rhymed with freak?
      Will you tell me why it's true
      We say sew but likewise few?
      And the maker of the verse,
      Cannot rhyme his horse with worse?
      Beard is not the same as heard
      Cord is different from word.
      Cow is cow but low is low
      Shoe is never rhymed with foe.
      Think of hose, dose,and lose
     And think of goose and yet with choose
      Think of comb, tomb and bomb,
      Doll and roll or home and some.
      Since pay is rhymed with say
      Why not paid with said I pray?
      Think of blood, food and good.
      Mould is not pronounced like could.
      Wherefore done, but gone and lone -
      Is there any reason known?
      To sum up all, it seems to me
      Sound and letters don't agree.

This was written by Lord Cromer, published in the Spectator of August 9th, 

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