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steven hart
Tue, 31 Jan 2012 18:02:39 PST
While i wait for my nut labels to print for work, thought i would quickly
see what is happening here :)
Your very right Peter.....

Oops, Bugger that was me...... Oops is another one & means i made a little
To any of you left wondering....
Bugger is regularly used in conversation in Australia, but certainly
depends on the sentence as to what it means..... The old oxford
dictionary gives it a terrible meaning, which no body has used for hundreds
of years so it should be removed, & not to be mentioned here by any means

Bugger is recognised in many Australian dictionaries or slang dictionaries,
we don't normally use abbreviations like "Afaik " in Australia but our
whole language base seems to include a lot of slang words in conversation,
so many in fact that most people would no longer know which ones are slang
& which ones are true dictionary meanings, many are being added to
dictionaries, it makes it confusing for outsiders for sure !
In normal conversations in Australia bugger is used all the time & i wonder
when the meaning changed, & why ?  It is usually used with the terminology,
( O my goodness i buggered that up ! ) "The understood meaning for all
Australians is - " I made a silly mistake "
(What a bugger) can be used like "i wish that had not happened" (Don't
bugger it up ) "don't break that thing" (You bugger) i'm not sure i can get
this one but its used a lot & finally (Bugger off) "Go away"

Quite funny really no wonder people are confused by us Australians.... I
sometimes wonder if our convict roots played a roll in language changes as
the English deported large numbers of uneducated men & women, most only
guilty of steeling a loaf of bread through forced starvation, or similar
minor offences......Many of them couldn't even spell their names & that is
why so many names changed here on arrival to the convict colonies.....
Esk Queensland Australia

On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 3:36 AM, Peter Taggart <>wrote:

> I try to avoid abbreviations, swearing, compressions and figures of
> speech.

> While perfectly understandable to me, I hate to think what a translation
> into Hungarian or Polish of the words "bugger" or "doofuses" might be.

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