Lycoris Planting Challege!

Bill Lee
Tue, 05 Jun 2012 06:28:19 PDT

Jim, I am planting them in Cincinnati OHio. I have some already so I know tey will do wel here. Thanks for the advice.Ihope to get them in the ground today.
Bill Lee

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>I have a bag of L. squamigera that were dug this past weekend at a 
farm in Michigan. An expert from MOBOT said they should be plamted 
righ away with an inch or two of the top left exposed.
Bill Lee
Dear Bill,
You don't say where you are planting them  - MI, St. Louis?
	These should be planted as soon as possible and kept slightly 
oist until you are ready. Mist the bulbs and keep in cool shaded 
pot in a zip loc bag for a week or two if needed. Do not allow them 
o dry out totally.
	In Zone 5/6 the bulbs should be covered, but just. Keep the 
op of the bulb at or just below ground level;  water well after 
lanting and then let them be. Hopefully some may bloom this year, 
et, but they may take 2 or 3 years to settle down and then expect 
egular annual flowering. L. squamigera is one of the most 
ccommodating and easiest of the Lycoris in mid-US.
			Best		Jim W.
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